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Portugal Transports Days - Get ready for the H2020 Transport Info day
12-12-2017 (Bruxelas)  

The event "Portugal Transport Days - Get ready for the H2020 Transport Info day" aimed to discuss the future of transport in Europe and to help stakeholders to make the most of their participation on the H2020 Transport Info day that took place on the 13th of December.

This event, organized by the Office for the Promotion of the RTD Framework Program (GPPQ), National Innovation Agency (ANI), the Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT), and Magellan - European Affairs Consultancy, in collaboration with the Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency (AICEP), was a very valuable opportunity to give voice to Portuguese entities in the debate on the future of transport in Europe, as well as to establish contacts, share experiences, capture trends and collect preparatory information for the Horizon 2020 Transport Info day.

Representatives from GPPQ, Magellan, H2020 proposals' evaluators and other personalities of the transport sector presented their insights on the future of the transport for Europe and gave constructive feedback on the pitches delivered by stakeholders so that the attendees could take their “ideas” to the next level, as well as advice/tips on how to make the most of the Transport Info Day.

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