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MARINE-EO Open Market Consultation and Brokerage Event
12-07-2017 IPMA-Algés (Lisboa)  

The event is organized by the MARINE-EO Consortium in collaboration with the European Commission in order to inform potential tenderers (industries, SMEs, start-ups, research centers, universities etc.) and end users about the project objectives and the PCP procedure, while at the same time to broach the views of the market about the intended R&D scope.
The results of the event will be duly taken into account in order to fine-tune the tender specifications, so that the gap between the state-of-the art solutions and the procurement needs justifies the need to procure EO R&D services.

Participation in the event is free of charge with limited participants due to the room capacity

Register here:

Av. de Brasília 6, 1449-006, Lisboa, Portugal


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