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Public online stakeholder consultation on the ex-post evaluation of the 7th Framework Programme.

26 Fev 2015

The  objective of the consultation is to provide the High Level Expert Group  conducting the ex-post evaluation of 7th Framework
Programme (FP7) with a range  of opinion and views about the functioning, achievements, and impacts of FP7.
This  interactive consultation has been set up to allow for contributions both from  those with direct experience with the FP7, as well as groups or individuals who  wish to give their views. The results of this consultation will be made  publicly available and will be taken into account in the Commission  Communication reacting to the Evaluation Report of the High Level Expert Group.

The news  alert can be found here

The direct  link to the questionnaire here

The closing  date for this consultation is 22nd May 2015. All contributions will  remain visible on-line.

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